Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coffee on the road

Primus thermos, my own road buddy

Im mostly surfing the roads in the weekdays, because of my primary job as a consultant in Denmark. Therefore I require a special need for bringing along good quality coffee with me, due to the poor coffee Im presented with in the different shops Im visiting. Normally I will brew a proper filter coffee using the Hario drip brewer directly into my Primus Thermos, this will provide a stabile temperature to the coffee while traveling.

Mypressi Twist - portable espressomachine

The thermos is one way of keeping a freshly brewed cup drinkable throughout the day, but there is also other solution which only requires boiled water, ex the Mypressi Twist v2 as shown in the above picture. The Mypressi Twist is a portable espresso machine, creating nine bars of pressure from CO2 capsules, therefore you can always be certain of the correct pressure. The Mypressi have received impressive reviews from a lot of coffee enthusiasts calling it a must have on the go.

The Mypressi Twist will cost around 1.200 DKK ($200) and is quite expensive if you only intend to use it once a month. BUT if you are traveling by airplanes, you can't bring the CO2 capsules along with you, so you must buy them in the country that you visit, which is a huge disadvantage.

Handpresso, air driven portable espressomachine

The Handpresso is a competitor to the Mypressi, because its both portable espresso machines. The difference between the two brewing machine is that the Handpresso only requires pressured air, which is creating by pumping the brewing device. Therefore there is a manometer attached that shows exactly how mush pressure is creating, therefore the Handpresso is always ready to be used, but also requires boiled water.

Hopefully I will be able to bring a review of these two portables machines.

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// Hendrup

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