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Summer drink recommendations

When the sun strikes, the desire for warm coffee slightly disappears

The summerly atmosphere with the warm sun and the blue sky kinds of limits the desire for a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee and thats a shame, because I will strongly suggest that coffee is enjoyed all year. Surely I can sympathize with the people who thinks warm coffee is for winter and fall time, because it isn't very appealing sitting in the sun with a smoking hot coffee in the hand.

Neverthelless CC will be glad to give some advice and inspiration to mix some extremely summer friendly drinks, which will be appreciated both by the guests and the consumer.

Sunny side up for my geographical area, Århus

The weather forecast for my local area, Århus, showed a lot of sunny and warm days, which lead to the inspiration of putting together my own top three of summer coffee drinks. There is nothing like some warm days and sunny days, when having experienced some long winter nights, but surely I need my daily fix of caffeine and therefore is preparing these drinks in the morning hours or when entering the home after a long day at work.

My personally favorites have been formed when writing most of the articles for this blog, because I have been trying out some of the coffee related drinks, which isn't what mostly coffee enthusiast have tried, for an example the Fresh Red, which is produced by the South African company called Redespresso.

Fresh Red drink made of the Redespresso powder and fresh orange juice 

1. The South African firm produce some ground Rooibos powder, which thereby turns it from tea to espresso ready. The redespresso shot compared to a normal espresso shot is more smooth, thick and packed with exotic flower notes, which makes it very pleasant to drink.  
Imagine these extraordinary flavors mixed with some fresh iced juice, which makes a brilliant fusion along with the fruitiness of the redespresso shot. This drink is served ice cooled and is therefore a stunning beauty on a warm holiday day, when you are out enjoying the sun.  
This mixture is perfect if you seek something similar to juice, soda or some lemonade, because it possesses some great fruity flavors and some sugar sweetness from both the juice and the redespresso shot. 
If you would like to see how the drink is correctly mixed, click the link: Fresh Red.

Ice Latte, espresso shot mixed with milk and caramel sirup

2. The classic within the world of coffee is the iced latte, which includes all the pleasant flavors from the coffee and some added sweetness from both the milk and caramel sirup. This drink is great in the summer period because its served cold, which is similar to all the drinks described in this article. 
The drink is quite easy to make, but requires an espresso shot which can take some time to extract if you include the heat-up-time of the espresso machine. It also includes some caramel sirup, which could be excluded, but it definitely exalts the drink - but the sirup can be a item which you haven´t present in your kitchen range.  
The recipe of this drink; take a normal size glass and fill it with some freshly made ice cubes. Pour some milk into the glass, remember to leave space for the espresso shot and blend the milk with a small amount of the caramel sirup. Mix the milk, ice and sirup using a table spoon to cool down the ingredients and apply the extracted espresso shot. Finish the drink by stirring a couple of times and maybe add some more ice, if the cubes have been strongly reduced. 
This drink is optimal if you want to enjoy a cold and creamy brew, with the ability of filling some of your hunger during the sunshine hours.       

Cold brewed coffee

3. The flavors of the cold brewed coffee is stunning, its a mix between a soft drink and a iced coffee. The sirupy from the drink is extremely pleasant and I could only imagine that it would be perfect when summer fully arrives or taken to the beach. The mainly flavors is in general caramel which by the way is very prominent and some notes of orange in the aftertaste. 
This brew method requires some very good planing if you should have it brewed when a summer day hits the country, in Denmark a summer day can arise between a series of rainy days, which makes it hard to schedule. Nevertheless when brewed its fantastic to keep in the fridge and being able to pull out some freshly brewed cold sirupy coffee.
Hope you enjoyed this preview of my top three cold brewed coffee drinks - keep up the summer spirit and don't bail on the coffee while enjoyed the holiday. 

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// Hendrup

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