Friday, June 1, 2012

Filter Comparison

Different angles of the two different filters

This article will focus on the ordinary filter brewing method versus the popular Hario v60, because there is both some design and brewing difference. The picture above reveals the biggest differences, which is the exit hole for the brewed coffee; The ordinary drip coffee method has two holes in the bottom and the Hario v60 has a round hole.

The main importance of this design difference would be that the Hario v60 round hole is not holding the water flow of the brewing, but instead letting the hot water and ground coffee merge until  its optimal extracted. The traditional filter includes two small holes in the bottom, which controls the flow of the brewed coffee, therefore there could be some of the coffee which is over extracted compared to the v60.

The brewing method of the two different filters

The brewing method I´m using for both drip brewers, is preparing the filters by pouring heated water through the filters without having any ground coffee in them; this will preheat the glass and also remove bad flavors from the paper filters. I will also use 12 gr. of Australian Skybury and the same 2,5 dl. amount of water for both brewing methods, to keep to ultimate comparison basis.

The picture above reveals that the Hario v60 method, lets the water runs through the filter much faster than the traditional coffee filter. NOTE: The v60 is a definition of the filter, which is formed in a V-shape and also has a 60 degrees angle. 

Final brew of the Australian Skybury

The brewed cup of coffee is in comparison way off from each other, the Hario v60 is much more delicate and flavored versus the traditional filter includes a more stronger and bitter taste. If you think upon the fact that the same amount of water and ground coffee is used for both brewing methods, the different result is staggering, because it doesn't feel at all as the same cup of coffee.

No wonder that the hario v60 is that more popular than the traditional drip filter, which I would suggest all who brew a filter coffee occasionally.

Have a great weekend everybody. 

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// Hendrup

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