Sunday, June 3, 2012

Costa Rica Cumbre Tarrazu SHB

The Costa Rican Cumbre Tarrazu bean, green vs. roasted

"The best (Strictly Hard Bean) are big, clean, with bright to rich acidity and full body. They generally are authoritative, resonant, and emphatic rather than complex and nuanced. The most distinguished regions are Tariazu, Tres Rios and West Valley, including the Volcan Poas district. Many outstanding estate coffees, including the celebrated La Minita." Quote by Kenneth Davis
Pouring the preinfusion

If you review all the available coffee beans from the different countries, you can establish an clear average of how the general coffee bean will taste, also referred too as the classic cup - a cup that possess the traditional balanced coffee that has no defects or taints. Coffee cupels call it clean, which isn't the same description as boring. Nevertheless many Costa Ricas from the large farms and mills are exactly that; middle-of-the-road arabicas, but there can be more to a Costa Rican coffee than neutrality. They are prized for their high notes: bright citrus or berry-like flavors in the acidity, with distinct nut-to-chocolate roast flavors.

The Cumbre Estate at 5000 ft. elevation in the exclusive Tarrazu coffee growing highlands of Costa Rica is where the Seevers families famous Tarrazu coffee bean are grown. The conditions are perfect for producing gourmet coffee; high elevation, seasonal rainfall, a cloud cover in the afternoon to shade from strong sun, and rich volcanic soil that reveals a very clean acidity sweet flavor. The Cumbre Estate Tarrazu beans are hand picked at optimum ripeness, sun dried and hand graded to ensure the highest quality 100% Tarrazu Estate coffee this blended with the regions finest beans produce this delicious coffee.

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