Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hario Bouno electric kettle

The relaunch of the Hario Bouno kettle

There has been given confirmation from the popular Hario, that they are bringing in an electric version of the Bouno v60 water kettle. I haven´t had the opportunity to work with this pour over kettle, but I have heard that its making a great difference, when brewing the v60 - therefore this electric kettle version is on my buying list.

Today mostly of the people owning a Hario Bouno kettle is heating the water in another electric kettle first and afterwards transfers the heated water to the Bouno kettle. This transfer is no longer needed, because it will heat the water itself and still have the amazing pouring control.

This kettle isn´t launched yet on the market, but will be available after the summer if the rumor speaks the truth. Likewise the electric model will properly be launched in a 800 ml. version instead of the current 1200 ml. Bouno kettle, which would be a noticeable for v60 three cup owners.

"I wasn´t suer what to think of this kettle when I first reviewed it. Looks: designer. Feels: tinny and whats it for anyway? It seemed pointless.
 I changed my mind. If you want to get good results from pour-over brewing, you need to control the flow of water, you need a tool to master a pouring technique. You will need this Bouno stainless steel kettle. I looked for any other type of kettle that could do the same thing, and short of pinching the spout on my electric Pino kettle to be a bit narrower, than the Hario Bouno is. Although we haven´t tried it, Hario´s website says you can heat it over an induction stovetop. We normally just transfer hot water into it right before pouring. If you choose to boil your water inside of the Bouno, be careful, since we have heard of the spout turning into a water fountain if the kettle os left to over-boil.
If you want to brew in a Hario v60 type dripper, or even a Chemex, you should consider this. For good results you need to pre-wet the grinds for 30 seconds with a minimal amount of water, then begin a slow, even pour from the center outwards. Its best not to pour directly in the filter, and often I must pour in stops-and-starts to draw out the infusion time to around 2:00-3:00. 
I find all that nearly impossible to do without the Bouno kettle." Short review by SweetMarias.com

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// Hendrup

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