Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anfim K2T

The beautiful Anfim K2T grinder, Bird view

I have had the honor of testing the K2T coffee grinder from Anfim, which was provided by the danish importer Experisense - in the small talk its a capable grinder that can maintain mostly of the demands created in the personal household and beyond. Its actually quite tasteful comparing it along with other grinders in its price league, meaning that the ground coffee have preserved more of the sensitive oils -unlike other grinders and therefore haven´t been exposed to the "second roast".

The company behind this specific product have more than 50 years of experience producing quality grinder - their primary focus is placed on the internal components instead of the outer appearance, which is noticeable in the attached pictures. In other words the design process is in short keeping it "classic", so you won´t have the feeling that your grinder is outdated by its looks. In my opinion the grinder appeals to a minimalistic style and therefore also represents the scandinavian way of design, although the machine is designed and assembled in Italy. Also I would like to pinpoint that this grinder looks like its light as a feather, but actually the grinder weighs eight kilos (17,63 lbs.), which is really heavy compared to the Mahlk├Ânig Vario of 3,7 kilos (8,15 lbs.) that Im currently using.

Direct portafilter grind

When I tested this particular grinder I found some cons and pros, but lets start off with the pros where the grinder has internal components made of mostly brass and hereafter aluminum. The brass is providing a more heat resistant grinding and thereby keeping the coffee as temperate as possible, because the brass isn't as heat leading as aluminum.

The grinder also comes with a con, which is clarified by its control panel, because this is made from an expert point of view. Thereby I mean that the control panel requires some serious attention to learn and therefore can by tricky at the start, but at the same time its a simple system controlled only by three buttons once you get to know it - also how many times do you have to adjust the grinder setting?

The simple look of the K2T grinder

Overall the grinder is definitely recommendable, because its very giving when its coming to preserving the originals oils of the coffee, and thereby providing a deeper serious of notes and flavors, which some other grinders is burning away in the heat of the grind.

The grinder is also affordable, because its competitive with some of the other grinder available - example the Mahlk├Ânig Vario is priced at the same league, but with this grinder you get more quality components, but a tough yet simple control panel. When it comes to the taste I find the K2T a bit more preserving towards the more sensitive flavors and think its caused by the brass components. Well, I personally is very appreciative of this grinder, because you get the feeling that its made of exclusive materials instead of plastic and junk - in other words a grinder that could serve you a series of years in the great pursuit of delightful crema.

// Hendrup

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