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Rocket Premium Plus Giotto v2

Rocket signature sign on the backside of the machine

The CC had an opportunity of testing the new and improved Premium Plus model from Rocket, which I couldn't reject, so therefore this blog article covering its newly added areas and meanwhile covering the performance that this machine is capable of. The Premium Plus models comes in two designs that is named Giotto (design with oblique sides) and Cellini (traditional box looking machine), see the pictures below.

The Cellini design of the Premium Plus version

The Giotto design of the Premium Plus version

The one I had borrowed from the Danish importer were a Giotto designed machine, so therefore are the picture attached of this designed - and also if I´m honest I mostly prefer this design, because its a different way of design, compared to the traditions on the espresso machine market. Nevertheless lets clear out the basics and hereby the updates from the former Premium Plus model to this version 2;

NOTE: Rocket is producing three overall consumer HX (HX = One boiler, that enables brewing and steaming simultaneously) espresso machines; Classic, Premium Plus and the Evoluzione, where only two of the bunch is being relaunched. The two optimized espresso machines represents the middle and higher end of the Rocket HX selection (Premium Plus and Evoluzione).

General updates (both Premium Plus and Evoluzione)
Normally when you buy an espresso machine, you'll get a start-kit along with the purchase and this kit is supposed to get you started, but even if you buy an expensive machine or a cheap one, the plastic tamper is mandatory. Rocket Espresso have changed this and thereby put a metal tamper which is included in the v2 models - and about time! 

Another optimization is the isolated boiler, which increases the thermal stability by 30% and energy savings by 22%. This is indeed a very impressing feature, cause if the thermal stability has increased 30% it will mean more stabile shots and steaming capacity. Likewise an increased efficiently of 30%, would be an experience of a total new and indeed improved machine.

Rocket Premium Plus v2, Bird view

Premium Plus v2 (both cellini and giotto design)
The Premium Plus version always had only one manometer, because then there would be a more distinctive difference between the Premium Plus and Evoluzione - but the Premium Plus v2 have been included with a second manometer, which indicates the boiler pressure. I have read online, that the extra manometer, measuring the boiler pressure is only relevant when pluming your espresso machine, which the middle class Premium Plus v1 or v2 isn´t allowing. 

The two manometers given away that its a v2 version

Personal opinion
This machine was found suitable for producing some amazing shots, there is no doubt that its a great espresso machine, with the capability of serving a bunch of guests and still have that beautiful classic look. The steam power is also endless, but I would suggest an upgrade from the included two hole tip to a three or maybe four hole tip, because its going rather slow with the included tip, because its exit steam is determined by the numbers of holes.

The overall question, which you properly already are wondering is if its good value for the money invested? Well, this Premium Plus v2 is about 13.500 DKK ($2.250), which is a lot considering that its mostly a hobby for the people who are searching the market - but with that said, this is the machine were you get the most value for your money, because a handcrafted quality machine isn't seen anywhere else in the world of coffee for the same amount. This machine could be your true espresso partner for a decade (maybe even longer), if you maintain it properly. With the money talk done, there´s only left for saying; this machine is definitely worth the money, because you won't find this kind of quality and perfection anywhere else in the same price range.

The Premium Plus range features a polished stainless-steel and a simple oblique design, plus the E-61 brew group and powerful steaming capacity to make ideal espresso shots. The upgraded Giotto and Cellini Premium Plus v2 included a copper-insulated boiler for efficient heat stability, dual manometers for both the boiler and sumo pressure, one of the quietest rotary pumps in existence and an upgraded, high-quality metal tamper.

Coffee Channel is about to initiate a campaign regarding the new Rocket Espresso v2 models, where you will have the opportunity of getting a great offer on these machines. 

// Hendrup

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