Monday, June 25, 2012

Evoluzione v2 delivery

The current espresso set up
FINALLY the day arrived where the Evoluzione v2 Giotto where delivered, at my address in Ã…rhus, DK - not without perfection speaks the weather forecast of rainy summer days, with temperatures up to about 15 degrees. Note the raindrops on my window in the picture above.   

Transportation firm delivering the Rocket machine

11.45 pointed the clock when the transportation firm Dachser, delivered the beautiful espresso machine straight from Milano, Italy.

The received boxes from Italy

I received the ordered espresso machine - model; Evoluzione v2 along with a bottomless portafilter and four steam tips all from the Italian manufacture, Rocket.

Some of the included extras

Two portafilters, one single and one double along with a drip tray, blind filter, metal tamper, cleaning brush, a serving spoon and a top screen for the cup holder came included with the espresso machine.

Rockets Bottomless Portafilter, buy it here

The bottomless portailter came beside the espresso machine and were of cost 375 DKK ($62,5) and is definitely becoming the best toy for the week, when the summer in DK disappoints.

// Hendrup


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