Thursday, June 7, 2012

The adventure of cupping

Multiple coffee beans cupping

A couple of weeks ago, I invited some of my friends for a interesting coffee night, where they could experience some of the gourmet coffees, which I had bought. My friends are normally coffee drinkers, but uses the coffee available on the supermarket shelves and there´s a great difference in taste and freshness.

We started off by preparing seven different cups of ground coffee, which they should smell at and hereby form a description of the coffee. Afterwards there were poured some hot water on top off the ground coffee varieties and again the group where told to smell the different aromatics from the cup. Actually its was performed like previous described in the Cupping; first look article.

Exploring different coffee flavors with the Syphon, Aeropress and v60

The funny part regarding the taste exploration was the "wrong" impression of what a quality cup of coffee holds of flavors - the group were comparing the taste experience with their own coffee taste experience from beans from the supermarkets. This led to an idea of the stronger coffee notes, the better the cup. Therefore a 100% Robusta bean from India was preferred more than the Australian Skybury, which holds a kilo price of 250 DKK ($42).

I would suggest that if you hold a strong passion for coffee - set up a cupping session where you together can explore the different coffee flavors, notes and aftertaste of the picked coffee beans.

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// Hendrup

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