Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CC Online Shop (Closed - now

Entry of the newly launched Online Shop

Benefits of being a Coffee Channel friend on Facebook has from Monday t. 25/6-2012 increased by opening a beneficial shopping area for those home enthusiast like myself, who only seeks true quality and craftsmanship within the world of coffee. 
This shopping area will contain only the best products that a households can receive and use in the pursuit of extracting a creamy, rich and smooth espresso. This will partly fulfill the true quest of the Coffee Channel - hereby to enlighten and spread the word of sincere coffee and its making. 
The shopping area that will be introduced will hold low standard prices on the best quality products, so that even more households will have the availability of purchasing a great and long-lasting espresso machine. Therefore is the only calculated profit in the shop covering warranties, freight and some administrative costs. 
The prices and reviews haven´t been completed yet, but if you are out looking for the espresso machine of your dreams, fill free to contact me for a personal price, >click here for contact<. Likewise will the shop only contain maximum secure trading facilities and will therefore use Paypal, which is known as a international secure trading firm. 

Entry of the online shop will currently only happen through the Coffee Channels Facebook site, which can be reach through this >link<. When you enter the Coffee Channels Facebook site, pls. sign in with your present Facebook account and add the CC as a friend - hereby do you unlock news, pictures and updates integrated in your own Facebook universe.

When you have added CC on Facebook, then click on the shopping cart - which is noted in the right side, below the profile picture (Also seen in the above picture).

Categorical view - Espresso machines, Barista Gear and Grinders

Once you have entered the CC shop, you will be able to browse products within three different product categories - Espresso Machines, Barista Gear and Grinders.

These categories will for now be the focus area, but perhaps it will increase if the shop is chosen successful. Also I´m working on integrating the shopping area into the Coffee Channel blog, but it seems like I would be forced to change the blog layout, which would give some technical problems - because the viewing would be much more different and confusing.

Selection of Rocket Espresso Machines

Within the Espresso Machine category is only found the current Rocket Espresso assortment - five models, covering every demands from small households (one/two persons) to small/medium cafes. These models is in chronicle order; Classic, Premium Plus v2, Evoluzione v2, Professionale and the r58.

Same for all the Espresso Machines delivered by the Italian manufacture, Rocket Espresso is that they are hand built of some of the finest materials - pushing the price upwards, but not high enough to exceed other manufactures prices compared on quality versus price.

The Rocket Espresso filosofi is that there is no simple, cheap or easy way of making a unique product. In other words - only the best is good enough for the Italian Manufacture.

Different Barista Accesories - pitchers, tamper, knockbox and portafilter

The Barista Gear categori covers the accessories used in the making of a great cup of coffee etc. where you be able to purchase pitchers, tampers, cups, knock box and portafilters. In general mostly of the accessories is produced by Rocket Espresso, because I have chosen quality ahead of price and therefore is only found one single product besides the Rocket products, hereby the no-name professional pitchers.

The shop is currently holding DKK prices, but you will be able to select your own currency in the shop and at checkout pay with your own currency using Paypal. The shipping fee is also free within the border of Denmark - the rest of the world will automatically be calculated by Paypal.

Note that within a specific product, you will have the opportunity of picking different product - this will matter the different sizes of the pitchers or design of an espresso machine or grinder.

Selection of different grinders - Anfim and Mazzer

The selection of grinders includes two brands, hereby both Italian Anfim and Mazzer. The grinders from Anfim is specially chosen, because they like Rockets espresso machines are hand built and of top quality materials. They are not quite as aesthetics comparing them to other available grinders on the coffee market, but they possess the best possible internal components and is therefore a long-lasting grinder.

The Mazzer have been in cooperation with Rocket about the Mazzer Mini, which is why its available in the store - its coming in two different colors, the black shown in the picture above and a shiny/metal.

Niether grinders have been reduced on sale, so if you are seeking one of these grinder, pls. contact me and I will inform you about, what you can purchase it for.  

Product View - Description, price, related products and pictures

The general view of a specific product is shown with a description - mostly my own reviews of the product, if tested and the related products available in the online shop. Multiple pictures of the product is enclosed, simply just click on these to enlarge or to select some other attached pictures.

If you decide to buy a product, the product will be put into the shopping cart and you will be able to continue shopping. When you want to checkout, just click cart and checkout - you will then have the option of using your current Paypal account or trade as a Paypal guest.

When the purchase is fully transacted, you will receive your products as quickly as possible - shipping within 48 hours.

// Hendrup


  1. Peter Bjerre JensenJune 27, 2012 at 1:26 PM

    There is as typo - I think you mean 25/6?

  2. You´re right Peter, I stand corrected :)