Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anfim Caimano on Demand Display/Timer

Caimano on Demand Timer

The major difference in the pursuit of a greatly extracted espresso compared with a flat, boring and thin espresso comes from the right choice of grinder. The grinder ability of keeping the optimum amount of coffee oils and thereby not burning them in the grinding process is a key-ingredient in a rich espresso shot. 
Well the Anfim Caimano on Demand grinder has invaded my kitchen counter and to be completely honest - compared with the Mahlk├Ânig Vario, as I currently use as first-grider, the Caimano looks like a giant rock beside it. Nevertheless the size isn't the only thing which separate these two grinders, because when I received my Vario grinder a year ago, I thought it was heavy - but compared with the Caimano its light as a feather. This is partly the aesthetics thing about the Caimano, because even though its heavy and a huge grinder - you get the feeling that its a monument of quality or even a kitchen-counter-trophy.

Caimano on demand specs

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this particular grinder is a huge step upwards from my current Vario grinder - I mean you just get the feeling that the Caimano grinder is meant for professional use and therefore is fully meeting my expectations and beyond. In other words the Mahlk├ÂnigVario just radiates that its for home use versus the Caimano which would handle any professional demand given.  
I must say that the aesthetics appearance of the grinder could manage a design lift, because its very coarse in its design, but also very majestic. Enjoy these combined pictures below and make up your own mind about this design.

With a total weight of 16 kilo and 75 mm blades the Caimano is ready for almost any task possible within the world of espresso extraction. This combination of 75 mm blades and a internal structure of brass seeks that it won't burn the coffee, because the brass isn't as heat receiving as aluminum and also because of the low rpm of 800 revs/min.

Tastewise I didn't think I could expect any difference from the Caimano compared with the Vario, but actually when dialed in, the Caimano leaved me with some "better" extracted shots, because their were multiple flavors that appeared. These different fruity notes (sensitive notes) appeared from the darkness and I really thought that the coffee didn't hold so much depth, but I was surely told by the Caimano.

I building up a blog article regarding the specific difference, which this machine offers - so you will receive a better coverage of this machine will suit the dream of being your future grinder.

// Hendrup

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