Friday, February 10, 2012

Nepal Mount Everest Supreme

Picture taking from a airplane of Mount Everest
I have bought the Nepal Mount Everest Supreme green bean from my local coffee shop, were it were among the most expensive coffees they had. A single kilo of this green bean is priced at 250 DKK ($43,5), but when you look at the specs its not so bad. For example, its grown in 2.200 - 2.400 m. above sea level, which is absolutely breathtaking.

The plantation was founded in the 1990s at the foothills of the Himalayas along the banks of the Trisuli River, which is about 75 km. north of Kathmandu. The origin of the coffee trees used in this plantation is from Papua New Guinea which is planted in the shade, providing a shade grown coffee. The coffee are when harvest wet-processed with water from the Himalayan River and then sun-dried.

Nepal Mount Everest Supreme Brewed in Hario

The body from this particular bean is amazing because of its delightful and long aftertaste. Its pleasant with some notes of spicy pepper, ginger and hints of butter and roasting nuts. The aftertaste is more a sweet taste of popcorn and is lasting similar to a aftertaste from wine tasting. The cup has a great acidity and a great body, but its not my favorite coffee. In other words, I have now tried this special and expensive bean and it has been a experience, but I wouldn't buy it again, unless I forget the flavors or got some new equipment.

Close up at the Nepal Mount Everest Supreme

Hope you enjoyed this review, have a nice friday!

// Hendrup

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