Thursday, February 9, 2012

Storage leason, 14 days

Picture results after 14 days with three different storage solutions
It has been 14 days since I sealed the three chosen storage solutions, seeking the optimal solution of keeping the freshness of the roasted beans. The three chosen storage solutions was a CO2 valve bag, a basic paper bag and a normal plastic bag, if you want to read more about the set up of this experiment see link.

The surface of the roasted coffee beans were generally the same, maybe a slightly less greasy surface from the beans stored in the CO2 valve bag. I have roasted the coffee beans extremely dark, so it would be easier to test the storage solutions, cause oily beans in general are harder to keep fresh. I would in this case say that the surface is similar to each other and its a minimum that differentiate the coffee beans.

The crema layer was quite equal to each other, likewise the color and visual brewing on the naked portafilter. If you compare the three espresso shots in each picture above, the crema layer has the same thickness unless the shots made from the paper bag which has a thinner layer of crema. By appearance the paper bag solution would have lost the most essential oils of the coffee beans, but the produced crema aren't all.

Regarding to the taste developments of the beans its quite an interesting matter. Actually the beans stored in the plastic bag tasted quite bitter, sour but had some notes of nuts and caramel and was rich cup. The beans stored in the paper bag was more creamy and silky and had flavors of caramel and chocolate. The beans from the last storage solution was a creamy and silky cup like the paper bag, but had fruity and chocolate flavors.

Next comparison will take place the 23/02/2012.

// Hendrup

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