Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grower´s Cup, Finest Specialty, Tanzania

Grower´s Cup Tanzania, Mountain Coffee
The best Tanzanian coffees are grown mainly on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru near the border with Kenya. The coffee from these regions are often marked Arusha, Moshi or Kilimanjaro and resembles Kenyan coffees with their rich wine like acidity.

This particular coffee bean is almost from the geographical described area above, but is specific located in the Ngoro Ngoro area. The Ngoro Ngoro area is a gigantically crater spreading over 260 square km., which is 600 m. deep. The beans are a product of the Shangri-La plantation which is placed in 1.400-1.800 m. above sea level and own by the danish coffee farmer Christian Jepsen.

Grower´s Cup, Finest Specialty, Tanzania close up
Acoording to people at Grower´s Cup this coffee should have a strong and powerful cup with dark notes of red berries, likewise the aftertaste should be very balanced and dry. The cup was very strong and aggressive, almost bitter in its flavor at the first taste, than came a sweet and dry aftertaste in my opinion. The coffee literally made me thirsty, cause of the dry aftertaste (like bottled water). Nevertheless I liked the aftertaste and enjoyed the coffee about 50-60 degrees, cause when it was about 80 degrees, the powerful and dark flavors just dominated the entire cup and when cooling the cup for a bit, there was some more sweetness and flavors to be found and explored. At the 50-60 degrees the sweetness in shape of flavors of red berries came alive and suddenly the cup wasn't so bad.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a strong espresso shot, but I would prefer a sweet and silky brewed french press. I think that almost anybody can achieve a strong and dark cup of coffee, even from coffee purchased in a supermarket, but there is an art in developing the sensitive and sweet flavors in a cup of coffee. I liked this coffee bean, but it was far from my favorite, maybe I went off starting with the best coffee bean from Grower´s Cup. Only time will tell, when I review the other brewing bags from the shipment.

Thanks again to Grower´s Cup for sponsoring these product for reviews. I wish all the viewers a great saturday and thanks for watching!

// Hendrup

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