Saturday, February 4, 2012

A move in the right direction

Shipment from Grower´s Cup
I have been to my friends house, where I was presented with some coffees from Grower´s Cup, see link. I was luckily sent home with four different coffees from Grower´s Cup finest specialty product line, but these weren't purchasable. Therefore I have received a complete package with their entire purchasable product lines, both the finest specialty and the organic specialty. 

Grower´s Cup product lines
Each product line covers five different coffees picked and roasted at the Grower´s Cup facilities, this will ensure high quality of the brewed cup. The finest specialty line is being produced by extremely limited high quality coffee quantities from Africa and Latin/Central America, which makes this line the most expensive. The organic specialty line is being produced by fair-trade and organic coffees of some the very best coffees available on the market. 

I have recently reviewed a previous specialty coffee from Grower´s Cup, which aren't purchasable, but within the expire date, see link. The test was about the freshness of the coffee, because this will be a huge factor for the coffee enthusiast market. The Specialty coffee from Rwanda, was at the limit of the expiration date and therefore very interesting, cause if the Grower´s Cup could preserve the essential oils, freshness, taste or smell it would be amazing, proving the patent pending brewing solution to be a stunningly success. 

Because the Grower´s Cup have been so generous of delivering one piece of all their products, which is currently purchasable, I will in the next couple of weeks test these one by one. The testing will be done like the previous test of the Rwanda coffee.

Once again a big thanks to the employees at Grower´s Cup for this shipment!

// Hendrup 

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