Friday, February 3, 2012

Change of parameters

Coffee plantation
I have lately been wondering how I would expand the reviews on Coffee Channel, so the viewers would receive a fair and thorough review of different coffee related products. This is because I definitely love coffee and blogging about it, but don't have the budget to keep buying products for reviews. Therefore I have sent some emails to manufactures to create a dialog about them renting their products for me to review.

I assure that there won't be doing some hidden marketing on this site and therefore there won't be created any payment for a good review. You can therefore still take my advice on this site and having completely faith of it being the truth.

The reason for this at all to be realized is because the Coffee Channel eventually wouldn't review expensive or specific coffee related products, because of the low budget. For an example I have just invested in the Hario Syphon TCA-2 brewer and for this reason there won't be purchased some coffee brewing products in a while. Because I also add a new blog post daily, I would prefer if I could give you some great advise on these coffee machines, so therefore I have contacted some manufactures today.

I hope that you will support me on this decision and keep following. Have a great friday everyone and be safe!

// Hendrup

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