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Brazilian Fazenda Senhora de Fatimma Cerrado

Brazilian coffee beans

Back in the days, Brazilian Arabica coffees had a bad reputation of beans being picked carelessly and mass processed. Nevertheless the top of Brazilian beans have always been mild, sweet and medium-bodied, with a relatively delicate acidity, making them an absolute favorite for espresso blends and other dark roasting. Among these better coffee beans are a familiar market name, Santos, which is a dry-processed coffee traditionally shipped through the port of Santos, usually grown in the states of Minas Gerias or Sao Paulo. 

Brewed cup of Brazilian de Fatimma bean 
The Brazil Fazenda Senhora de Fatimma Cerrando are one of the growing numbers of estates that have managed to establish an identity for their own excellent coffees. Fazenda Senhora de Fatimma is dedicated to producing organic coffees of the highest quality, as evidenced by numerous awards is has received in both national and international competitions. The coffee plantation is especially known internationally as a leading reference in the production of organic specialty coffees.

The coffee plantation in growing in 950 m. above sea level in the fertile Triangulo Mineiro, in the Cerrado region of Minas Herais state. The entire plantation covers an area of 395 hectares, which 235 hectares are used for coffee production. The rest of the hectares are used for hens, cows and pigs, but all the different productions on the farm is 100% organic. Fazenda Senhora de Fatimma are currently in use of all the state of art methods in the planting, cultivation, harvest, processing and storage of its coffee. The plantation is also free of chemicals and is carried out in an ecologically sound way, with energy usage strictly rationed.

The Brazilian bean have a notorious sweetnes in the cup and is actually used in a lot of coffee blends, where this bean is providing the sweetness to the cup. The cup made of a single estate and organic bean had some notes of intense dark chocolate with a low acidity.

Close up of a the brewed cup
The coffee is a beautiful mix of sweet flavours; the most distinctive is caramel syrup and brown burnt sugar. The first mouthful is pleasant with sweet notes with a medium aftertaste of roasted nut and dark cooking chocolate. This particular bean is mostly used in blends, but is delicious on its own. It’s not like the general cup of coffee, cause this is more leaning towards a regular cup of coffee that have been added sugar. The cup have a medium acidity, large body, aroma and a bit complexity with medium depth. 

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