Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grower´s Cup, Finest Specialty, Guatemala

Grower´s Cup Finest Specialty Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes
I have already tested a coffee from Grower´s Cups Finest Specialty product line, but that coffee were indeed at the line of expire and therefore this will be the first real judgement of the Grower´s Cup and their on-the-road coffee brewing bags.

The Grower´s Cup are in constant development with their product solutions and therefore is there currently 26 gr. of freshly roasted coffee included in the brewing bag instead of previous 24 gr. as blogged about in the Rwanda coffee, see link. This upgrade of the coffee grounds puts the brewing bag closer to the SCAE golden cup rule and later on I will describe if that really works in this case.

Im a huge fan of this disposable french press, as the company think is the best description, and I think its a great solution instead of the classic, bad tasting instant coffee. I have blogged about the technique behind this brewing bag, see link.

The particular coffee used in this case is the Antigua "Los Volcanes" from Guatemala, which is a volcanic high grown coffee bean. This 100% arabica coffee bean is grown in 1.500 m. above sea level and the specific area, where this bean is from offers grown coffee from an altitude of 1.500-1.700 m. above sea level. The Antigua valley is one of the most notorious and eldest growing coffee regions, with volcanos almost surrounding the area, creating a valley with a shallow water table. The coffee region of Antigua is an enclosed valley formed by three volcanos, the Agua, Acatenango and Fuego, where most of the coffee trees are planted on the valley floor, like this coffee bean, in 1.500 m. above sea level. Some farmers cultivate the slopes of the volcanoes up to 1.700 m. above sea level, which is the highest grown coffee in this coffee region.

Picture of the brewed cup of this particular bean

The coffee should according to its label have flavor notes of dark chocolate with an aftertaste of vanilla and jasmine. Actually I didn't get those flavors; starting to wonder if I have some off taste buds. Never mind, I took a first sip at the brewed cup and I was just wondering what it tasted like. I mean, it hasn't got a specific flavor note, but is more delight and just pleasant to drink. I sat and took another sip just enjoying myself, but I couldn't clarify the notes. There was a gently low, clear and crisp acidity and a full body with a sweet aftertaste. As the cup went colder flavors like light caramel, milk chocolate and sweetness properly from caramelized sugars turned up.

I must say that its a clear improvement of the previous tested coffee bean Rwanda and I have never experienced a press pot being so crisp and clear. Its a wonderful joy to have a great solution to grap, when you are needed on the road and still have your coffee addiction. Suddenly 25 DKK ($4,25) doesn't feel like a lot of money, cause its actually as pleasant as a coffee from a good coffee bar. Likewise rumor has it, that these brewing bags can be found around 15 DKK each ($2,5) or ten bags for 100 DKK ($17), which in my opinion is very cheap!

A little downside and there always has to be one, is that I also received a bag holder, which is not quite easy to use and hides the label. But I can surely live with that as long as the coffee is as good as it were today.

// Hendrup

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