Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time for vacation

Three roasted coffees prepared for the vacation trip
Im going away on a holiday trip lasting a week and have therefore prepared three different coffees, which I can enjoy while I´m gone. I have already made a review of the Nepal Mount Everest Supreme bean, see link. Furthermore there is two beans;

  • Brazilian Fazenda Senhora de Fatimma Cerrado
  • Guatemala Antigua los Volcanes
The Guatemala bean have already been review, cause it is used by Grower´s Cup in their Finest Specialty line, see link. It was their brewing bag containing the Guatemala bean, that has been reviewed, but I have also purchased it, so I can test on the Hario Syphon, which I take along on the holiday trip.

I plan on making as many daily articles as possible, but bear with me if one slips. I have planned for a Valentines day special, Grower´s Cup reviews and a review of the above mentioned beans. 

// Hendrup

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