Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grower´s Cup basics

Components of the disposable french press
I will just have a quick explanation of the brewing system that Grower´s Cup currently are patent pending on. The original size of this portable and simple coffee brewing bag is about an A5 paper and a thickness of 1 cm., its weight is about 45 gr., which makes it suitable for on-the-road brewing. The solution contains a zipper, so you can close the bag after you have poured water into it, more of that later on. The actual brewing bag contains 24-26 gr. of freshly roasted and grounded coffee, made of specialty picked beans.

Brewing proces on the disposable french press
Once you have purchased the disposable french press and you are ready to brew three cups of quality coffee, the first thing is to open the top from side to side. There is a small layer of glue keeping the bag airtight, so the coffee isn't maturing. Create a stand of the brewing bag and pour in 0,5 liter of hot water, close the zipper and let it brew for 5-6 min.. After the brew time, shape a wide pour spout and tilt as illustrated in step. 3.

The actual brewing process
  The disposable french press is made of PE-coated paper and a filter material which is similar to the material used in rice bags for cooking. The brewing bag has a strong sealing to maintained maximum freshness of the coffee and is thereby aroma sealed. The fresh roasted specialty coffee beans are grounded directly into the brewing bags filter compartment, which is sealed immediately after.

The youtube video above illustrates the brewing process thoroughly. Its looks very easy and the great thing about this product is thats so simple that everyone could handle it. Its very transportable, so you can easily sneak one into your luggage and enjoy a great cup of coffee wherever you might go.

Can´t wait to tryout the brewing bags!

// Hendrup

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